A secure, privacy-focused team bookmark sharing application

The Qlip.io site and browser extension keeps companies and teams in sync by allowing groups to create and share lists of bookmarks, shortcuts, and notes.

How It Works

Step 1) Create an account.

Step 2) Create a new group and invite other people or join an existing group.

Step 3) Create lists of bookmarks, shortcuts, and notes for specific teams or topics that anyone in the group can use.

Step 4) Install the browser extension for quick access to your lists and to easily bookmark new pages.


Qlip.io takes security and privacy very seriously. All your data is stored either hashed or encrypted in our databases, even your email address is stored encrypted. Qlip.io does not employ the use of analytics tracking software on any of its pages or in its browser extension.


While in beta, Qlip.io is free to use without restriction.